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Double Glazing Quotes


Having double glazing fitted in your home can add attractiveness, warmth as well as value to your property. However, if you are to have quality double glazing fitted then this will mean you making a significant financial commitment. If you are currently looking for double glazing quotes for your home then there are several important things to consider. Below we take a look at the things that you need to look for before deciding which is the best double glazing product for your property.

When buying double glazing the first thing to remember is that it is important to get double glazing quotes from more than one double glazing company, as prices, as well as the quality of build can vary significantly. Likewise, do not be tempted to sign a contact immediately with the first company that you encounter. This is also because it is not an uncommon practice amongst double glazing salespeople to quote you a high price initially. Often you will find that companies will be prepared to lower their price to you if you hold off from agreeing to buy from them.

When looking for double glazing quotes it is also important to remember to get multiple quotes for exactly the same product (number of windows/doors, materials used, etc) so that you are able to compare on a like-for-like basis. This way you will be able to see what are the best options for you to take up.

Make sure before you contact companies that you do your research well in advance. Familiarise yourself with the materials that are commonly used in double glazing, for example the types of frames that are available, the length of time it takes to fit and how inconvenient this will be to you and your family.

It is sound advice to use local double glazing companies, rather than large national chains. This is because local companies need to maintain their good reputation within the area that you live. It also means that if you encounter any problems with your double glazing at a later stage then you are more likely to have this addressed promptly if the company that you have chosen is local.

The next issue to consider when looking for double glazing quotes might seem a trivial one, however it is well worth bearing in mind. Try to avoid using a company that only has a mobile phone number as a contact and not a landline number. This would imply that the company does not have a real or at least permanent base or headquarters. Again if anything goes wrong once the double glazing has been installed you need to be able to speak to a dedicated member of staff who will be able to deal with your complaint efficiently and effectively.

When looking for double glazing quotes always make sure that you find out exactly what is included in the price of the quotation. For example, is moving any furniture during the fitting process also included in the service or will you have to do this yourself? A reputable company should include anything that makes the customer’s life easier, and not more difficult, as part of the overall service.

Should you decide to go with a local company then it is always good practice to ask around friends, family and work colleagues for their recommendations – a good word from someone who has used a particular company before is worth its weight in gold.

Likewise, you can always gauge the reputation of a double glazing company by checking if they are registered with FENSA, BM Trada or Certas. If they are then this means that they are qualified to self-certificate that their work complies with national and local building regulations. This is important because today in England and Wales all new double glazing has to comply to certain energy efficiency levels and you will need to obtain a certificate once the work has been completed to demonstrate this.

There are many aspects which will determine double glazing quotes. These include whether you decide to use a local or a national company, the types of material you decide to use (glass type and well as frame type and fittings) as well as the number of windows and doors you decide to have replaced. Don’t forget also it make sound financial sense if you can afford it to have as many doors and windows replaced at once. 

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