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Double Glazing Prices


There is plenty of variation in the market when you decide on installing new double glazing, whether it’s for a single window or for the whole of the house or property. This variation in price can be related to the type of window being purchased but also the location where you are having them installed and, of course, the company you are choosing to do the work.

The double glazing and window installation industry is one of the most competitive in the country so it pays to shop around for the best deal. Don’t just look at national, well-known suppliers such as Everest or Anglia, but check out the local firms too if you want to make a more informed decision.

Cost of Different Types of Window

Of course adding double or triple glazed windows to your property will provide added insulation and help cut down the cost of your fuel bills. On average, if you are switching up from single glazed windows to double or triple, you should expect to save in the region of £100 to £150 a year. The installation will not start providing you with any return on investment but they will provide a warmer, better insulated and more secure environment.

Explore the benefits of new windows.

Below is a sample of prices and potential costs for different uPVC double glazed windows, their installation and the removal of the old windows. These are only rough estimates of the price you might expect to pay and there will be variations between different installers and different suppliers.

Window Size (mm)

Cost per Window

6 Windows Installed

8 Windows Installed

12 Windows Installed

Casement uPVC





600 x 900

£250 -£330




1200 x 1200

£340 - £420




Installed Price:


£2,200 -£3,000

£3,300 - £4,000

£5,100 - £6,000

Sash uPVC





600 x 900

£500 - £700




1200 x 1200

£600 - £900




Installed Price:


£4,500 - £6,000

£6,500 - £8,000

£9,000 - £10,000


There are other variations, of course, that may well put extra costs onto your installation. For instance, if you choose wood effect uPVC (compared to normal white) then you should expect to pay in the region of 20% more on the final price. The figures above are for B rated windows but if you wanted A rated ones then you may well pay about 10% more. You may even get charged more for installing windows on a second floor where more equipment is needed.

This is the reason why it is so important to shop around. As with most things going for the cheaper option is not always the best choice and there are other factors to consider. If you want to make the best decision then follow our simple rules for selecting the right installer in your area.

Cost of Triple Glazed Windows

Again there is a fair amount of variation with the cost of triple glazed windows but you should be expecting to pay more for them than double glazed. A company like Ideal Window Solutions will supply and install any three A rated double glazed windows for £1,645. Their cost for a comparable triple glazing installation, however, is £1,890. The benefits for triple glazed windows over double in most parts of the UK are fairly negligible in comparison to the increase in cost because we generally live in a more temperate climate.

Getting Best Value

It’s difficult with double glazing to find the best value on the market – installation at a price and standard of service that provides you with all you need. The first thing you probably have to look at closely is the type of window frame you are going to install. If everyone else on your street has had uPVC windows put in then it doesn’t make too much sense to have real wood frames specially ordered at a premium price. The price difference between A rated and C rated windows is significant whilst the energy savings you get back aren’t. Getting the best value can be achieved by first doing your homework and making sure that you know what you want beforehand. 

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