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Installers of Gutters and Facias


It’s not just the fact that the job of replacing or repairing gutters and facias demands working high up on a ladder or scaffolding, there’s a fairly complex network up there near the bottom of your roof that needs careful attention. Even if you have a good deal of building or DIY experience, there are simply some jobs that need a professional hand – in other words, someone who knows what they are doing.

Yes, many people with the basic skills will be able to replace a section of guttering if need be, but whole panels that need to be fitted accurately to the rafters requires years of experience. Here’s our guide to finding reputable installers of gutters and facias in your area.

Decide What Needs to be Done

Whether you want your wood facias repaired and painted or have decided to swap to more reliable uPVC ones, have a good idea of the work that needs doing. That may involve getting up there on a ladder and having a closer look if you have the stomach for it. Replacing all your facias and guttering is a big job, even if you only have a small house.

Find Someone Experienced in Roof Work

As with all industries you will find builders who will specialise in different areas such as handling extensions or wall cladding. Look for builders in your area that handle all types of roof work such as guttering and facias. You can search our database to find local builders who are members of trade associations.

Do Your Research First

While you may not have much interest in facias and guttering, this is an important part of the house. If you want to make sure you get the right person and can understand whether the installer you invite to your home knows his stuff, then some preparation is needed. If the builder is incompetent, then the damage done to your roof could be considerable – the bad news is that you may not notice it until something goes wrong.

Check for Previous Work and Membership of Trade Associations

There’s no harm in popping around to previous clients of the installer to check what their facias look like and, just as importantly, the experience they had. Also check which trade associations your builder belongs to and also check ratings online at reputable sites. These don’t guarantee a great service but they should help you to steer clear of the cowboys.

Check They Have the Tools for the Job

Unless you live in a bungalow, the most effective way to strip and install new facias and guttering is to put up scaffolding. The installer is going to have to remove the lower tiles and take out the old facias too which involves a lot of work. You can’t do that with a couple of ladders and a hammer.

Get Several Quotes

Unless you are having a small job done such as repairing some guttering, then a local builder should be fine. For bigger jobs get numerous like for like quotes and, as usual, don’t be in a rush to hire someone. Sit back and relax and make your decision in the cold light of day.

Pick the Right Time to Change your Guttering and Facias

You need to pick a good time of year to do a full replacement, when the sun is out and there’s plenty of time to get the old ones removed and new facias installed. You will need to be prepared for the disruption and mess as this will take anything up to a week or two, depending on the state of your roof.

You can find a list of installers in your area here.

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