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One of the areas where home owners can make a big statement is with the garage and the driveway leading up to it. From simple up and over installations to state of the art electronic systems, there are solutions for most budgets.

A garage door and driveway gate combination can add significant value to your home whilst ensuring your property is more secure. If you are using your garage for something other than keeping your car, you can opt for insulated panels that protect the room better from the outside elements.

Types of Garage Door

There are several different types of garage door on the market nowadays, both prefabricated and bespoke. The most popular are up and over doors and roller doors which are fairly simple to install and use. The one you choose for your property will depend a lot on the amount of space you have and what you want to use that garage space for. In the industrial sector, garage doors are bigger and bolder, designed as they are to cope with heavy traffic. Though they follow the same specs as domestic garage doors the mechanisms are larger and designed to take more weight.

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Cost of Garage Door

There are plenty of options for those with a limited budget as well as scope for much grander installations when it comes to finding the right garage door for your property. The cost will depend on a number of a factors including whether you want to install it yourself, if you are opting for a manual or electronic garage door and the type of material that you are going to choose. There are some great uPVC and fibreglass options that are available from DIY stores that you can decide to install yourself or bespoke solutions where everything is made to measure your requirements and can include wood and steel.

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Maintenance of Garage Doors

Because of their mechanism, garage doors, even the cheaper variety, require regular maintenance if they are to last as long as possible. For basic installations this can be as simple as washing the front panel and making sure the mechanism is well oiled. For more advanced systems you need to have regular maintenance carried out by qualified professionals who know their way around something like an electronic opening mechanism. Maintenance also depends on the type of material used in your garage door, for example, wooden ones require greater care and attention than uPVC or aluminium. 

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Types of Gate

If you have a driveway and want to add a little more security for your property, and a lot more style, then you can choose to install a gate. These are normally of the hinged or sliding variety and can be either manual or automatic. Much will depend on the amount of space available. For instance, if your driveway is on a slope you are better off choosing a sliding driveway gate.

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Cost of Gates

The cost of gates is comparable to garage doors, prices ranging from a few hundred pounds to over a thousand. A lot will depend on the type of gate, for example, those with automatic mechanisms are more expensive and need a greater level of ongoing maintenance. There are added extras that can push the price of your gate upwards as well, including having a keypad fitted or linking your installation to something like an intercom system.

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Manufacturers and Suppliers of Garage Doors and Gates

There are a number of manufacturers and suppliers of garage doors and gates in the UK and many will offer to carry out a professional installation for you. You can also buy garage doors and gates from large DIY stores such as Wickes or B&Q. Many independent installers will be allied to one or several of these central manufacturers so it’s worth searching round for one in your area that handles the design and type of door or gate that you require.

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Installers of Garage Doors and Gates

As with any large project, finding the right company to handle and professionally install your garage door or gate can be a complicated undertaking. You want to get the best price but you also want quality as well. As well as researching the market, it’s always a good idea to check out both national and local providers and then get a number of quotes for the work that you want done.

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