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Security and Energy Ratings for French and Patio Doors


The great news is that French and patio doors have become more popular as their energy efficiency and security has increased. Unfortunately, glass is not a great insulator and if you have a large amount of it at the side of your house then you are going to increase the amount of heat loss. Better constructed and more energy efficient frames and the choice of double or triple glazed glass with reflective properties have made all the difference.

Energy Ratings for Glass

Window Energy Ratings or WERs basically tell you how efficient your installation is with values ranging from G (the least efficient) to A (the most efficient). Most window installations nowadays should have an energy efficiency rating of between C and A .

This rating is determined by a number of factors:

  • The G-Value: The amount of solar heat that can pass through the glass.
  • The U-Value: How efficient the window is at keeping the heat in your room.
  • How much air gets through the window seals and causes heat loss.

Energy efficiency for windows can be increased by the inclusion of low emissivity coatings on the glass that prevent greater heat loss.

For most windows there is a small difference between those that are C rated and those that are A but a bigger variation in cost. With larger patio doors this difference can be exaggerated so it may be more beneficial to go for the higher rating and pay a premium installation fee if you want to be as energy efficient as possible. You will also want to look at the type of gas that fills the space between your glass panels, as choosing an inert gas such as Argon can make a difference to the energy efficiency.

Security of French and Patio Doors

One of the main issues that homeowners have when deciding to install French doors in particular is the question of security. Most installations nowadays have multiple locking points and robust cylinders that are resistant to snapping, but there are other steps you may like to take if you are having one put in, for instance using Patlocks that fit over the door handles inside the home. Sliding or traditional patio doors should have limiters that prevent the whole thing from being lifted off its tracks.

Particularly with French and patio doors it is important to make sure that you get an installation that is constructed to the right standards which means they are robust and secure.

Cheaper is Not Always Better

While you might be looking to get the best deal possible on your new patio windows or those delightful French doors, you should bear in mind that quality often pays in this case. With such a large amount of glass in one area you will want to ensure that you have the most energy efficient windows installed. Equally important you need to be certain that your doors are strong enough and have all the right security measures in place. It’s worth paying that little bit more to get that better quality than to have something installed that is either too easy for burglars to break into or is losing far too much heat for your liking.

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