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As with window installations, there are a variety of domestic and commercial door installers available across the UK and they usually combine their business with providing double glazing. Choosing right one for your home or business can involve a lot of initial hard work and research. As with any product, you should always make sure you get more than one quote for the job that you want completing.

For commercial installers, the range of suppliers may well be more limited but the same advice still applies if you want to end up with a product that works. Most larger business nowadays put the business of installing new hardware such as windows and doors out to tender which means that they naturally have to get competing quotes.

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Selecting the Right Installer

For most domestic installations, companies will normally offer a range of services including putting in those all-important windows. If you are just having a door installed then you can either buy your door ‘off the shelf’ from a nearby DIY store or elect to have one fabricated for your particular needs or too your specific design. Either way you are going to have to find someone to put it the door in for you. This can be a national firm such as Everest or Anglia or a local operator and it’s worth checking out what each has to offer.

  • Make sure you do your research on what kind of door you want installed and what is a reasonable price to pay for it. Many local firms will be allied to a particular manufacturer or fabricator which means the range of doors available could be quite limited. If you want a natural wood door then you are better off finding a local trader who delivers that kind of product rather than settling for something you didn’t quite want from one with restricted supply.
  • Having said that, smaller, local firms often provide a better service because they work in the area and have their reputation to protect. They are also more likely to go that step further with customer service, making sure you have exactly the product you want. It’s not always the case, of course, but local suppliers should be on your list of people to contact.
  • Don’t be shy about asking to see evidence of recent work. If you are using a reputable installer then they should be happy to point you in the right direction. Go and check out their work and have a chat with any previous customers to see what their experience was. One great way of finding a good installer is by word of mouth when someone you actually know has had a door or windows installed.
  • A fairly reliable indication of how good an installation service you are going to receive is how easy the tradesmen or company is to contact in normal hours. If all they have is a mobile number and no landline, then you might want to think twice about employing them. Ideally they should at least have a website which you can check out online.
  • Get as many quotes as you can, at least three or four, and compare like for like. Some companies will try to ‘force’ you into making a decision by offering time limited reductions and special deals – if they start doing this then they are probably more interested in the money than the job they are going to do for you.
  • Check if the company or tradesman is a member of any associations that promote good practice such as Fensa, BM Trada or Certass. This is a good indication, though not infallible, that you are going to get quality workmanship and good after sales care.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to settle for a particular contractor, particularly if you have queries. Weigh up the pros and cons of each quote and make an informed decision rather than rushing into something you may regret later. It’s always a good idea to have a cooling off period where you can look at your list of quotes in the cold light of day and make a more rational decision.

Commercial Door Installers

The difference for commercial concerns when it comes to installations is finding the right company to do the work when there is limited provision in the local area. Cost is also a factor as it usually presents a significant outlay for most businesses, something you want to get right from the outset. After service sales care, particularly with the maintenance of something like sliding doors, is also important so checking how previous customers have fared is imperative.

Commercial installers tend to be located where the work is so you are probably better off looking to your nearest city if you are a business in more rural areas such as a town or even village.

Searching for Installers

Whether you are looking for a national company or someone more local, you can now search our comprehensive database for installers. Follow our guidelines above and you should be able to make all the right choices when you have that new door put in. 

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