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Finding the right door to fit your home or for your business can mean undertaking a great deal of research. Whether you want to add some style to your new patio design or provide a hi-tech solution for customers to get in and out of your shop, there are manufacturers, suppliers and installers just waiting for your order. The trick is to find that one that suits your needs at a price you can afford.

Here we take a look at everything there is to know about doors from how they began to where you can find the best ones for your home or business.

History of Doors

From the times of King David right through to Ancient Egyptian and Roman times, door designs have been an integral part of our lives. Not simply the structure by which everyone enters or leaves a particular abode, doors have often been imbued with immense creativity and mystical qualities. With ornate designs in both wood, metal and stone, some of these more ancient designs have lasted to this day and adorn our most popular museums in towns and cities around the world.

We may take doors for granted today, but a quick look at their history will show how important they are even now.

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Types of Door

There are plenty of different types of door to choose from, even if you just need one for your home. Options include single and double leaf designs, sliding doors and even stable style ones that keep the pets and children from running outside during those balmy summer days. Then there are more commercial applications such as revolving doors and ones for the local garage, even huge industrial sized ones that allow big vehicles to come and go in a secure environment. 

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Door Construction

The elements of door construction have developed quite a lot over the last couple of decades as we try to find more energy efficient solutions for both the home and commercial environments. Better insulation and new materials such as uPVC are often cheaper and more efficient than natural wood. While the materials and technology may have changed, basic domestic door design has remained the same for some while with the traditional structure hailing from the days when wood was the primary material used.

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Door Locks and Security

One important area that doors have developed over the last few years is with better security. Incorporating multi-lock devices and the new EU burglar proof cylinder locks has provided both homes and businesses with much greater levels of safety. For commercial premises, there are digital locks and card keys that can be used and help businesses monitor access to areas on the premises.

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Cost of Doors

The cost of doors for domestic premises can vary greatly depending on the design and material they are made from as well as the level of security that is added during the fabrication process. Customers have more choice nowadays and can even opt to have bespoke doors made that meet specific requirements or a particular design. Costs for a ready to fit door can be around £250 but bespoke versions can stretch anywhere up to a £1,000 including installation.

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Commercial Doors

There is a much wider array of commercial doors available than those for the domestic home market. You can install glass rotating doors for your shop, garage style screens and doors, even sliding doors and heavy duty security doors. There is also greater emphasis on certification and issues such as health and safety with most doors for businesses needing to provide protection in case of fire as well as easy access for less mobile individuals. Which kind of door suits your business will depend a lot upon the size of your premises, the type of industry you operate in and, of course, the amount of financing that you have to spare.

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Energy Efficiency and EU Standards for Doors

As with windows, doors come with various certification including the rating for energy efficiency. Doors are rated from A (the most efficient) down to G (the least efficient). Combined with a double glazing installation this can greatly improve the insulation for a home or office property. Other certification includes the European Union CE mark that confirms the standard of the door operates in accordance with EU regulations. There are also additional BSI standards that manufacturers and suppliers can decide to meet to give themselves a competitive advantage.

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Door Manufacturers and Suppliers

There are a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers in the UK who can deliver prefabricated products or make doors of all types to order for both commercial and domestic customers. Choosing the right one can make all the difference to your home or business and shopping around is vital if you want the best deal.

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Door Installers

Doors often go hand in hand with windows and there are plenty of installers both locally and nationally who can deliver a good service for both the domestic and commercial markets. You can search our comprehensive database for a list of suppliers and installers in your area today. We also provide a quick guide on what to do when you first start looking for the perfect installer for either your double glazing or your new door, conservatory or garage.

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