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If you are currently considering having a conservatory fitted to your home then what are some of the things that you need to know when you are looking for conservatory quotes? Here we will give you a brief guide on what to look out for and consider when you are choosing a conservatory.

Whilst the cost of investing in a new conservatory is clearly a very important factor when considering conservatory quotes it should not be the only factor you take into account. It is important to remember that certain styles of conservatory are better suited to certain types of property than others. Consider what type of property you have and look at conservatories that are sympathetic to the style of your house, rather than spoil it.

The materials that are used to construct the conservatory also impact directly on the price. For example, do you want a conservatory with a dwarf wall or one that is fitted entirely from floor to ceiling with energy efficient glass? What type and style of door are you looking to choose?

One thing that you do need to consider seriously when looking for conservatory quotes is the cost of the planning permission that is needed to build your conservatory. However, the good news is that in many cases you will not need planning permission. Planning permission will be needed however if the intended conservatory will be visible from a road or public highway, if your house already has an extension, if your house is a listed building or is in a conservation area. If you are in any doubt it is always best to get in touch with your local authority to check if you will need planning permission.

The other major thing to consider when thinking about having a conservatory built is will your conservatory meet building regulations? This is to ensure that all building work meets the government’s required safety and security standards. I many instances however conservatories do not need to conform to official building regulation if they are built at ground level and are separate from the main property. Again, however, it is worth taking specialist advice to check this.

One of the problems encountered by many people who have received multiple conservatory quotes is the often dramatic difference in prices between quotations. For instance a standard 3 x 3 conservatory price can range from between £1,500 to £18.000. One of the reasons for this big difference is that you may often encounter commission only salesmen and this will inflate the price you pay. Other factors that influence the price of conservatories include whether or not the conservatory is to be constructed in an unusual or out of the ordinary location as well as the quality of the materials that will be used in the build. Obviously the better quality of material, especially frame work, the more expensive will be the cost of the conservatory.

Likewise, if you are replacing an existing conservatory then this will reduce the cost of the build. This is because the basic groundwork will already be in place rather than having to be constructed from scratch. In fact base work on a conservatory can sometimes be one of the most costly factors in the build as it needs to take into account such things as drainage facilities, heating boiler vents, as well as kitchen waste water pipes.

Another factor to think about when looking for conservatory quotes is the type of flooring that you are going to use. Again the price of the flooring will vary, often quite a lot. For instance a wood floor is both warm as well as having an attractive look but will cost you significantly more than other types of flooring material such as tiling or seagrass.

Again, if you are sufficiently skilled enough to complete some of the finishing work then this will reduce the overall cost rather than having the installation company do this for you.

It is important that you insulate the floor of your new conservatory well. Some people choose to skimp on this aspect and this provides a false economy as it costs more to heat the conservatory. In fact, floor insulation for conservatories is a relatively inexpensive process.

In short, there is no quick and easy answer to how to get an accurate quote for your conservatory, although we hope this quick guide has given you a few pointers as to what to take into consideration when you are looking for quotes.

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