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Having a conservatory added to your home can be one of the biggest home improvement investments that you can make. Not only will a new conservatory add extra space to your home for you to relax and enjoy the sun in but it will also add value to your property if and when you decide to sell your home and move on. It is not surprising therefore that many people thinking about having a new conservatory wonder about conservatory prices and whether having a conservatory makes a sound financial as well as lifestyle move for them. Below are few things that you need to consider when thinking about having a conservatory built.

The first thing that you should consider when thinking about conservatory prices is the type of conservatory that you are looking to have built. Conservatories come in several popular styles and depending on which style you are looking then this will affect the price. It is important to also consider which style of conservatory suits your property best.

The most common conservatory styles are Victorian, gable, lean-to and Edwardian. Additionally these days orangery conservatory styles are becoming increasingly popular with many homeowners.

One of the most popular conservatory styles that has been with us for many years is Victorian. This is popular because it adds elegance to your property and has period detailing to lend it a certain aesthetic attractiveness. Victorian conservatories can have either three or five sides and, again depending one which style you choose, this will have a bearing on the price you have to pay.

Another very popular choice is the Edwardian conservatory and offers a very practical option for many homes and creates an excellent space for use as a sun room, play room or even a dining room. Unlike the Victorian conservatory with its distinctive curved appearance, the Edwardian conservatory has square corners. Again prices for the Edwardian conservatory will differ depending on the type of roof you choose to have, the flooring type you choose as well as the type of glass that is used.

Perhaps the most common conservatory in Britain today is the lean-to conservatory. Lean-to conservatories offer you an extremely practical solution to having a conservatory built as they can be adapted and modified to suit virtually any type of property. In particular lean-to conservatories make a perfect choice if you are currently looking to extend your kitchen area, especially as they typically come with a wide range of door option to really open up the space in your home. When it comes to conservatory prices, lean-to conservatories perhaps represent the best value for money. This is because their simpler design makes them more affordable when compared to the more complex structures of other conservatories. This does not, however, mean that they look cheap and a well designed conservatory can add a real sense of elegance and luxury to any home.

If you are looking for something that is really elegant as well as stylish then you can’t beat a gable conservatory. The high roof of a gable conservatory can really add a true sense of space to your property. The large glass roofs will allow a maximum of light to the space to make it feel genuinely fresh and airy. Again, pricing for gable conservatives will very much depend on the materials that are used in the build, particularly the roofing material.

For a high-end conservatory then you really can’t beat an orangery style conservatory. Over recent years these have become extremely popular throughout Britain. An orangery conservatory, with its glass roof and solid walls, will not only maximise the light that enters your home but will also significantly increase the space available, especially if it is incorporated into a kitchen.

Ultimately the price of whichever style of conservatory that you choose will be very much dependent on the size of the conservatory, the materials that are used in its build (especially the type of glass), the number and type of doors that are used as well as any planning requirements and permissions that are needed to allow the conservatory to be built.

Don’t forget that choosing a conservatory for your home is a big decision, not least because of the financial outlay that is involved. For this reason when considering conservatory prices it is important that you take your time before deciding which style to choose and consider all of the options that are available to you as well as making sure that you do your research into the planning requirements that are needed.

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