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Manufacturers and Suppliers of Conservatories


As you might expect there are quite a large number of conservatory manufacturers and suppliers across the UK. A good number of them are members of The Conservatory Foundation which was established 20 years ago in 1995. Many of these manufacturers will also act as installers or have franchise businesses across the country.

Independent, local installers will also ally themselves to a particular, reliable supplier. This can mean the installer you chose may have a more limited range of conservatories to offer which is why it is always best to shop around and find the build that is the right fit, both financially and aesthetically, for your home.

Here are just a few of the manufacturers and suppliers of conservatories across the UK:

  • Ultraframe are based in Lancashire and specialise in high quality conservatory roof and glazing systems that are designed to bring builds into the 21st century. They partner a number of large organisations in the conservatory industry and operate in a worldwide marketplace.
  • Skyview Roofs state they are at the forefront of glass technology and are based in Birmingham. They are the approved supplier for a number of well-known organisations and are a member of the FSB.
  • Rehau specialise in uPVC conservatories producing a wide range of styles to suit everything from a city dwelling to a country cottage. They build the bodies for conservatories rather than the roofs and include doors and windows of all types.
  • Specialised Conservatory Systems operate out of Preston and have been producing high quality conservatory roofs for the last 20 years. They are allied to Ultraframe.
  • K2 Conservatories operate across the UK and Europe but are based in Blackburn. They produce a range of conservatories for both retail and installer markets.
  • Aluminium by Design are based in Essex and produce a range of products including the frames for aluminium conservatories. All their work is designed for bespoke delivery and they deal with both large scale and small scale build requirements.
  • Vale Garden Houses are one of the few specialist conservatory companies around and primarily deal with large constructions. Having said that, if you need a bespoke design and have the money to invest then they offer high quality designs in a range of materials including wood.
  • Country Hardwood specialise in elegant wood conservatories made to measure for the client. Using traditional methods that create a big impact, they are based in Buckinghamshire.

DIY Conservatories

There are also a number of companies that supply DIY conservatory kits which any handyman or woman with a degree of expertise can install. These can range from just a few thousand pounds up to four or five thousand depending on the design and the materials used.

Most of these can be delivered to anywhere in the country and suppliers include:

Ranges of easy to install conservatories are also available from some of the big DIY retailers such as B&Q and Wickes.

The chances are that you are going to require someone to professionally install your conservatory and there are plenty of businesses in your local area who will be able to do it, as well as give you the advice and guidance you need for a successful project.

Follow our easy guide to choosing a conservatory installer here.

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