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The good news is that there are plenty of companies, both nationally and locally, who are set up to install your conservatory once you take the plunge to invest in one. The bad news is that you now have to choose the right one for your budget and your needs. While it can be a long process undertaking the research and getting in the quotes, it’s important to do everything you can to make sure your installer is suited to your requirements.

Here are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself:

  • Does the installer have a good range of low budget and higher cost conservatory installations?
  • Do they train all their staff to the appropriate level?
  • Have they got references for previous work done that you can contact?
  • Are they keen to answer all your questions and do they actually know what they are talking about?

Doing Your Research

As we always say on the Conservatory Hub, you have to do your research before you even think about contacting installers. The more information you are armed with, the more likely you are to make the right decisions. Remember you will have to live with that conservatory for the remainder of the time you stay in the house so you want it to be the best product for the budget you have to spend. The great thing is there are plenty of sources for you to find out about the different types of conservatory as well as what to look for in a potential installer.

Explore the different types of conservatory.

Decide What You Want in a Conservatory

Sit down and have a good think why you want a conservatory in the first place and what function you want it to perform. Do you want an orangery where you can grow plants? A personal living space where you can relax? Do you need to think about the flooring and what it is going to be used for? Being clear in your mind what this room is going to do for you and your family means that you will make better choices when it comes to getting the installers in.

Contacting Installers

You can now go online and use our dedicated database to search in your local area for reputable installers. We advise that you should go for a minimum of four quotes. You may want to stay with a larger national company or you might want to settle for a local, smaller outfit, the choice is entirely yours. Each has its pros and cons. A national firm like Everest may well give you bigger choice and the option for sizeable discounts. A local firm, however, is more likely to give you a better personal service and be willing to tailor the installation to your needs.

Inviting Installers

Make sure you invite installers at a time that suits you when you aren’t hurried and can focus all your attention on them. Beware of installers who want to rush through things and look as though they have a one-size-fits-all approach or are too interested about getting onto the next job. Similarly, if the installer is too sales orientated and seems intent on getting you to sign on the dotted line there and then, alarm bells should start ringing. If you have done your research, you should be able to spot who isn’t quite at the top of their game. Another initiative is to make sure they know you are not going to come to a decision today and that you are seeking other quotes.

Finally, don’t be afraid to negotiate if you think the price is too high. It’s a curiously English thing that we are often reluctant to look for a bargain, but it can bring the price of your installation down significantly if you ask for a better deal.

Choosing the Right Conservatory Installer

Collect all the quotes together and examine them as like for like. These should cover all the work and materials being delivered as well as any warranties or guarantees. If you think an installer hasn’t given you enough information, then either call them to clarify or discard because they haven’t provided what you wanted in the first place. Don’t forget to check things like trade association membership and the like as they are usually a decent indicator of how solid the installer is.

  • Take your time to come to a decision and involve friends or family if you are still unsure.
  • Once you have selected your chosen installer then give yourself a cooling off period before you finally commit and make sure that you have all your questions answered.

Despite the industry often having a bad reputation, there are some pretty good companies out there both nationally and locally. The way to avoid getting a poor quality installation is to make sure you do the set up work properly, know what you are talking about and can spot the pitfalls that others, who are less well prepared, might stumble into.

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