Your Conservatory Roof, Windows, and Doors

So you have decided which conservatory you would like and when you want it. The next step you have to take is deciding on the roof, windows, and doors that you would like installed. It may sound like a very simple task, but it is not as easy as it may seem. You need to have an idea of what you want the roof to be made from and how strong it should be, as well as the type of doors and windows you want to have installed. Here is a little guide to the different options available to you to help you make up your mind.

The Roof

Probably one of the most important aspects, your conservatory roof is vital to your safety and also to keeping your conservatory leak free. Some people choose to have their conservatories tiled, to make it feel more like an extension, but most opt for a glass roof instead. Here are some of the glass types you should consider when you are picking out roof materials for your builders.

Insulated glass will prevent heat from escaping your conservatory – perfect for hot summer day and cold winters. Many of them come double glazed to prevent this heat loss, but you can also purchase them with a special coating that stops the loss of heat through the roof.

Self-cleaning glass may sound a little futuristic, but it’s actually really useful. The outer coating on the glass panels reacts to sunlight in order to break down the dirt particles that have built up on the glass. Due to this, you won’t need to clean them nearly as often as you would with regular glass panes.

Reflective glass is able to reduce the glare of the sun. This is perfect for those hot summer days spent reading and relaxing in the warm sunshine. It’s particularly useful for conservatories that face the sun, as they won’t receive the blinding glare to nearly the same degree again.

Windows and Doors

Next, you should think about the windows and doors. The most popular materials of choice are UPVC. These are strong and durable, so you know that they will not only be sturdy, but harder to break into. If you are looking more towards the aesthetic appeal of the conservatory, then wood might be more your style.

It is harder to take care of and requires very regular maintenance, but it looks fantastic. Finally, there is steel for a more modern look. It’s light and flexible, while still remaining a very tough material. So if contemporary is your style, steel might just be the material for you.

To Conclude

A conservatory is a great step forward for those who want a place to relax, or even just a little more space in the living room. Not everyone remembers the importance of choosing the right materials for the roof, windows, and conservatory door, so hopefully this guide has offered you some help in that department. Whether you want something elegant or a little more modern, the perfect conservatory feel is out there waiting for you.

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