Buying a Conservatory

Conservatories are hugely popular in Britain. On those cool summer days, there is nothing like sitting on a comfortable chair in your conservatory with a good book and the sun shining in on you. They make a slightly drearier summer day feel like the Mediterranean with the way they keep you warm, and it certainly won’t leave you feeling blue about the classic British summer and your lack of a hot vacation. So if you have plans to buy a conservatory this summer, make sure you have a quick read of this guide. After all, it’s important to know what to consider as well as the different types of conservatory available.

The Purpose

The first thing you should be thinking about when you buy your conservatory is what you plan on using it for. Do you plan on it being a garden or pet room? Is it your retreat on a summer day? Is it to extend your living space? Each of these potential reasons is suited to a different type of conservatory.

For example, one used for plants and pets can probably be added onto the house and entered through and existing doorway. For warm summer days you only really need a simple build but you need to think about the impact to temperature on your whole home. As for a conservatory being a living room expansion – this requires a lot more thought and complexity.

Type of Conservatory

There are so many different types of conservatories to choose from, and then you move onto orangeries (which are a whole new area). So here are some of the most popular types on the market as well as a little bit of information about each.

The Mediterranean conservatory has a very simple structure and design. It has more of a lean-to effect while still looking superb. It is ideal for those who are on a budget.

The Victorian and Edwardian conservatories are very similar in style. The Victorian has a bay front with a pitched roof, as well as an ornately designed roof ridge. The Edwardian is very similar, but features a flat front and rectangular shape.

The Lantern conservatory features a stunning glass ‘lantern’ roof, and is supported by a firm and solid structures. They are truly magnificent to look at and offer great appeal aesthetically.

The Gable conservatory differs from most in terms of its roof design. Unlike most, the roof does not take a slow slope back to the centre. Instead, it remains upright for a bigger sense of height and overall size.

Shaped conservatories also exist, usually in a T or P shape. These are made to slot in nicely with a home, especially if the conservatory is meant as an extension of living space.

To Conclude

Buying a conservatory is always an exciting time, especially when you make plans to spend the summer in there with your own company, or that of friends and family. They make a great place to enjoy the summer, hold parties, or even just sit and relax for a few hours. By remembering what you want from your conservatory and taking the different types into account, you will have the perfect one for you in no time.

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