Alongside melee-style combat

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Alongside melee-style combat
« on: December 31, 2021, 08:10:26 AM »

You'll earn experiences for buy OSRS gold every plant you have taken care of when harvesting it. It's an extremely difficult task to master at first but it pays players for the ability to earn money on a daily basis (farming herbaceous plants). If you're interested in knowing how to increase your earnings in connection with the farming skills check out our Farming guide.

Another job that's a click intensive one that requires from player patience, understanding and resources. This skill is undervalued by many players who don't level it up, but it is a bonus worth considering, like personal altars and teleports, and other bonuses. Being able to have your own home in the land of Gielinor is very beneficial but it's also expensive since it is the most expensive skill to get up.

In the last, but certainly not least, we also have a Hunter skill that is that is unique in its own way. It focuses on hunting down various creatures using traps as well as different techniques. Because chinchompas caught at the higher Hunter levels are among the best money makers within the game, this technique is certainly worth learning.

Alongside melee-style combat, there's also ranged the cheap OSRS GP. In this profession, gaining levels will allow you to fight your opponents from safe distances. If you want to learn the monsters you need to be training on, what locations are best, and what kinds of equipment are best to use you can find everything here.


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