I need a dumpster

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I need a dumpster
« on: June 08, 2018, 04:42:23 AM »
There is some point in your life when the quantity of junk increases beyond control. It can be due to renovation wastes, construction wastes or any household wastes.  It would truly be aggravating to see the pile of junk in your house or surroundings during spring. When we are in Milton, we usually collect the wastes in rental dumpsters and call a junk removal services. They will collect the junk removal bins on the specified dates.
But after shifting, our house trashes are increasing a lot. I am thinking about buying a dumpster. Which is better- renting a dumpster, or buying a bin? Yet another reason to hire trash removal services is that we are living in an apartment. There are 3 other families in the apartment. I thought that instead of buying a dumpster, if we fix a 10-yard bin for the whole apartment, then we can save our money too. I would like to know the disadvantages of the point that I had mentioned. If it is a good decision, I can discuss the plan with other families too.


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