Home security for kids and aged parents

Author Topic: Home security for kids and aged parents  (Read 2266 times)

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Home security for kids and aged parents
« on: April 12, 2017, 11:30:50 AM »
 Hi folks,
In this present world, it is very very necessary to make our houses secured. As the world is progressing with the advancement in technologies, there is a drastic increase in the crime rate. Most of the people behind the crimes are well-educated people. Hence it's the duty of each one of us to make our houses secured.

I have 2 kids at home who are being cared by my parents who are aged. Hence I am planning to install a security system. I would like to involve medical alert along with 24 hours monitoring facility. I want my doors to be secured with deadbolt locks so that the kids won't move out of the house. While googling, I came across different reviews on these home security systems on different websites. I'm not quite sure of which one to choose from. What else are the factors to be noted while installing a home security system? I would like to install child locks. Will the security companies do that work? Which one do you think is the best security company? Please do chime in your suggestions.


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