Also forgot to mention the bit where Melvin's parents didn't want to see their k

Author Topic: Also forgot to mention the bit where Melvin's parents didn't want to see their k  (Read 2091 times)

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That was it for New Horizons Items me personally. I also had an existing accounts in the old job I'd forgot about so when I signed up I simply had to update some information. If you set this up and run into a problem I can try to assist you as best I can.

TD Ameritrade is restricting purchasing on volatile stocks, but from what I've seen they just increased the margin needs to 100%. Anybody buying a brief squeeze on margin would need to be a retard. It's dangerous, and also a reasonable position for TDA to take so they are not left holding the bag of retards who can not meet a margin call. Additionally, it conserves YOLO newbies out of themselves, though I doubt that is TDA's motivation. Every day that Melvin can't find the Switches that the parents have paid for, he must pay a sacrifice to every parent for their trouble of waiting for them. And also the more expensive these Switches get on the current market, the greater the sacrifice, since these parents should rights already have these Switches, irrespective of how expensive they've gotten. Melvin tries to put off paying the higher market price as long as possible in the hopes that it will eventually return. Eventually the forfeits get so big, Melvin does not have any option but to swallow his just desserts and just pay market price for those Switches.

At least that is the way my retarded brain translated it, but I am just a dumb ape, do not listen . I am just holding GME because I believe in the company! ??????

Edit: thanks for the sake in/support for this particular post, RIP my inbox afterwards. A lot of the queries below can be readily answered if you simply Google the phrases. http://Https:// is a good starting point. Any phrases that you do not know, likewise Google them. This should all be part of your DD/research. If you can not do that, you have no place trading. Any questions concerning speculation, I know as much as you do.

Also forgot to buy Animal Crossing Bells mention the bit where Melvin's parents didn't want to see their kid humiliated so that they talked to their buddy in the country club who conducts Robingoods, the shipping service which gives people their Nintendo's.


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